Economic Lies

After writing up one of the last articles Mark and I had put together on the demolition of local hutongs and old neighborhoods in Beijing, I’ve kept my eye out to see how the rest of Beijing, as well as the international media has responded / reacted to the destruction of their historical homes. I should mention that it has only gotten worse. Each time we travel through the suburbs of Eastern Beijing, their is more and more rubble, and the buildings just keep getting higher. I only wish I had the language capabilities to talk to the people who are suffering from such demolitions. (This is in the works people)

The New York Times recently featured a front-page article on this issue which I found quite intriguing. Their writer focused on an area of Beijing on the far west side, by the name of Laogucheng, meaning ‘old ancient town’. From this article, and the variety of others I’ve read on this situation, it seems that Laogucheng is quickly becoming a tough and broken down area of the capital city, filled with graffiti and banners reinforcing the government’s demands for the people to leave their homes. Indeed, bulldozers lie in wait on the streets, biding their time until the residents have no choice but to get out. This is life in the big city.

The New York Times provides a more in-depth, academic look at the situtation that is plaguing the historic haunts of Beijing, one that everyone should know about when considering the ‘economic boom of China’…

“Trampled in a Land Rush, Chinese Resist”


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  1. This, like many transformations in urban areas in the “developing” (or, for the really retro “third”) world, is not discussed much in the western media. Then again, we have our own problems, like puncturing holes deep in the earth that spew thousands of barrels of oil into the sea everyday.

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